7 Dogs Holds The World of Record

1. Most solve  ballon.
Anastasia, a Jack Russel terrier has solve 100 ballons in 44,49 seconds. Anastasia live in Los Angeles with his owner and trainer, Doree Sitterly.

2. Fastest skateboard rider.
Tillman, a bulldog across the parking lot along 100 meters just 19,68 seconds at 2009 X Games in Los Angeles and make him the world title.

3. Top dog.
Giant george, a Great Dane breed with height 43 inches (109,22 cm) from Tucson, Ariz. Holds two the world of title, tallest dog and tallest dog ever. A tame dog has garnered a lot of fans because of his owner, David Nasser, always inform dogs activities through its website and youtube.

4. Most dog jumping rope.
Thirteen dogs Geinousha Uchida from Japan holds the world record for most dogs jump over the rope.

5. Most tennis ball in mouth.
Augie, Golden Retriever dog aged 8 years, gained world title for the most tennis balls (five) in the mouth for a time.

6. Balance a glass of water.
Sweet Pea, a border collie Australia dog, gained title the highest step down the stairs by the dog staring forward while balancing a glass of water 5 ounces (10 steps) and walk 100 meters with fastest by a dog balancing a jar on his head (2 minutes 55 seconds).

7. The oldest dog.
Bluey, a cattle dog holding the world of title for the oldest dog with ages 29 years and 5 months. Les Hall from Victoria, Australia. Bluey gained in 1910, and this dog keep the animals 20 years before it finally died on November 1939.

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